Leaving Microsoft?

So you are thinking about leaving Microsoft? (reminds me a little too much of Leaving Las Vegas). My name is Ken Greenebaum and I recently went through the process of leaving Microsoft and taking a self funded sabbatical. I was talking with my friend, John Nordlinger, who left Microsoft a couple of years ago about my recent experiences doing the same. We decided to create this webpage to offer a checklist of good ideas, possibilities, and to point out some of the gotchas. This is definitely a work in progress so please email us your experiences and advice. We will boil it down and put it up here!

  • Checklist of things to do before you leave.

  • Critical things to do after leaving:

  • Nice things to do after leaving:

  • Other things to think about, let your conscience lead the way.

  • What not to do when leaving.

  • Bored? Miss the challenge and mental stimulation of Microsoft? Consider these options.

  • Stay up to date and find out what your former coworkers are reading.

  • Interested in what your former competitors are reading?

    [editor - We are missing many details regarding contracting please email us more info]

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